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Terkin Tea - carrots are the most tastiest to drink!

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TERKIN carrot tea is unique and can surprise even the most experienced tea connoisseurs. We make it with the care of you exclusively from natural carrots, live dried berries and ginger using special technologies of drying and roasting.

We are the only manufacturer of such drinks in Eastern Europe and Russia. The use of carrots, fresh berries and selected spices is concentrated in each cup of our unique tea.

We are proud of our products and delight in its indescribable taste!

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Benefit, taste and aroma in the original format of natural carrot tea!

Carrot with Apple

Bright and refreshing.
Natural concentrate of cheerfulness and good mood!

Carrot with Ginger

For the most warming bun-fight
A lot of heat and astringency in every cup!

Carrot with raspberry

The favorite flavor of the juiciest berries since childhood
When you want comfort especially, like at grandmother's house!

Advantages of the TERKIN drinks

* - when drinking at least 3 cups of tea per day.
** - when drinking at least 4 cups of tea per day.


*** - Google translation from Russian

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